Battle Mountain, Nevada Meteorite Hunt

On August 21, 2012 at 11:17 pm local time (2012 Aug 22 06:17 UTC) meteorites began to fall on Battle Mountain in Humboldt County, Nevada, USA. It is classified Ordinary chondrite (L6). The fall was observed in weather radar imagery from the US NEXRAD radar network, operated by the US National Weather Service. The discovery and analysis was done by Dr. Marc Fries, Galactic Analytics LLC. The KLRX radar in Elko, Nevada, is approximately 33 km from the fall site and recorded the fall in eight radar sweeps between 0619.26 UTC and 0621.03 UTC. This time span of 97 seconds is short compared to other meteorite falls observed by radar. This could be a result of meteorite production by a single, large breakup event, by relatively little fragmentation, or a combination of the two factors. The first stone was recovered on September 1, 2012.

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