Mifflin, Wisconsin Meteorite Hunt

The Mifflin meteorite fell April 14, 2010, 10:07 pm CDT (UT-5) in Iowa County, Wisconsin, United States. It is classified as an Ordinary chondrite (L5). A bright fireball was seen by numerous observers in parts of Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois the night of April 14, 2010. A camera on the roof of the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Building at the University of Wisconsin-Madison captured two images of the fireball at around 10:07 PM. The track was recorded by Doppler radar. Residents in Mifflin Township, Wisconsin, heard large explosions at the same time. The first stone recovered (7.4 g) hit the metal roof of a shed and was found the following day; it was identified as a meteorite at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Numerous stones fell as a shower mainly in the area of Mifflin Township within a total distance of 20 km. More than 70 stones and fragments were recovered in the area within a few weeks after the fall.

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