NWA 3149 Howardite Meteorite

NWA 3149 Howardite Meteorite
Northwest Africa 3149, a rare and fresh brecciated Howardite achondrite found in the Sahara Desert in 2004 and is not paired to any other known howardites. This is a highly shocked and very dense meteorite due to the presence of baddeleyite, which forms by thermal decomposition of zircon at very high temperatures. Only rarely will you find it in the HED group whereas it is a frequent minor phase in lunar meteorites and SNCs (along with ilmenite) due to lunar and Martian shock events. Most howardites are very friable, but not this one, allowing us to cut very thin slices at huge cutting and polishing losses. It took quite some time to polish to a high gloss, but it was well worth the extra effort as it displays wonderfully. The Total Known Weight (TKW) for NWA 3149 is 2594 grams, consisting of two complete stones.

NOTE: There were two stones that made up the TKW of NWA 3149. I only cut the smaller one in 2004/05 and then in 2011 sent the second stone to have cut. I only had six slices made along with an end cut and the majority in the main mass. The main mass and end cut have been sold to private collectors who won't be cutting them up. I guarantee this statement so you can rest assured that there will not be more large slices becoming available in the future! The first stone was not this large so these represent the very Best of The Best of NWA 3149. I believe this is one of the most beautiful ones out there!!

These are the very best and last complete slices from NWA 3149. Any one of these would be suitable for the finest museum or private collection!

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NWA 3149 Howardite Meteorite
39.71g Complete Slice
95mm x 93mm x 2mm
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