NWA 4587 Ungrouped Achondrite Meteorite

NWA 4587 Ungrouped Achondrite Meteorite
NWA 4587, an Ungrouped Achondrite purchased in Morocco in June 2006. This unusual meteorite is paired to NWA 011, which was first thought to be an unusual eucrite or even from the planet Mercury! Scientific analysis performed since then (including multiple measurements of oxygen isotopes) suggests that NWA 011 and its pairings probably are rare samples from a different and somewhat large parent body other than 4 Vesta, which also may be the source of CR chondrites. The officially classified pairings include; NWA 011(40g), NWA 2400(137g), NWA 2976(219g) and NWA 7129(50g). NWA 4587 is the largest of all the pairings at 530 grams, making the total combined weight 976 grams.

NWA 4587 has been priced well below the previous retail price of $1,000.00 per gram, which NWA 2976 has sold out at! Every slice of NWA 4587 has been lightly polished on one side to bring out the beauty of this rare and unusual meteorite. This is a must-have for any serious collection!

360° Video:
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Meteoritical Bulletin entry for NWA 4587:
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NWA 4587 Ungrouped Achondrite Meteorite
143.3g End Cut Main Mass
50mm x 48mm x 35mm
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