NWA 4590 Angrite "Tamassint" Meteorite

NWA 4590 Angrite
NWA 4590 "Tamassint" is a very fresh and beautiful plutonic Angrite with a shiny, black fusion crust. It was discovered in the Tamassint oasis region of Northwest Africa in June 2006. It represents a new type of angrite lithology, unlike any of the other coarse grained metamorphic examples or the fine grained "basaltic" to quench-textured examples known previously. This specimen exhibits unique features that have important implications for the size, cooling history and tectonics of the angrite parent body. Angrites are believed to have come from a planet-sized body. The matrix is a brilliant display of colors, best viewed under magnification. The Total Known Weight (TKW) is a mere 212.8 grams in several fragments from one stone.

NWA 4590 "Tamassint" is featured in the November 2008 issue of "Astronomy" Magazine, along with angrites, NWA 2999 and NWA 4801.

Meteoritical Bulletin entry for NWA 4590:
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NWA 4590 Angrite
0.356g Fragment
7mm x 6mm x 5mm
NWA 4590 Angrite
0.334g Fragment
7mm x 6mm x 5mm
NWA 4590 Angrite
0.332g Fragment
8mm x 6mm x 5mm
NWA 4590 Angrite
0.280g Fragment
9mm x 6mm x 5mm
NWA 4590 Angrite
0.152g Fragment
6mm x 5mm x 4mm
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