NWA 4882 Brachinite Meteorite

NWA 4882 Brachinite Meteorite
NWA 4882 is a rare Brachinite meteorite found in Northwest Africa during the summer of 2007. Weighing in at 3097 grams, it represents the largest Brachinite yet discovered, making for world-class specimens! The size of the surface area is important to scientists and collectors alike in that it helps to provide vital data on the makeup of these extremely rare meteorites, and also results in stunning visual appeal. Every specimen has been expertly cut to a 2-3mm thickness and polished on one side to a very high level, making for beautiful display and study examples. Brachinites are considered by some researchers to originate from a current or former planet!

Meteoritical Bulletin entry for NWA 4882:
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NWA 4882 Brachinite Meteorite
96.2g Complete Slice
128mm x 79mm x 4mm
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