NWA 5000 Lunar Highlands Gabbro Meteorite

NWA 5000 Lunar Highlands Gabbro Meteorite
Northwest Africa 5000 is one of the largest lunar meteorites ever found. It is exceedingly important in that it represents a previously unexplored part of the Moon and is the only Highlands Gabbro available for study. Originally, it weighed 25 lbs 6.6 oz. (11,528 grams.) Although the weight is tremendous, the internal structure and visual appearance of NWA 5000 is unlike any other lunar meteorite and is considered the Best-of-the-Best!

The contrast is incredible. The matrix looks like a moment caught in time as the impacting asteroid shattered solid rock on the surface of the Moon before ejecting NWA 5000 into space. This meteorite contains breccias within breccias, and the preferential orientation of clasts lends a unique 3-D appearance. Included in the stone are an unusually large amount of 4.5 billion year old impactor metal (nickel-iron). The exterior appearance is outstanding with well-preserved regmaglypts ("thumb-printing" marks from atmospheric entry), areas devoid of fusion crust that have been naturally polished by the Saharan 'Winds of Time' and generous amount of well preserved fusion crust. Northwest Africa 5000 has become legendary in the short period of time since its discovery in Morocco in 2007.

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Never before have slices been cut and polished to just 1mm, this means the 'Surface-to-Weight' ratio is tremendous and offers the maximum viewing surface! Many have asked, "What lunar meteorite could possibly be better than NWA 5000?"... Simple, ultra-thin polished slices of NWA 5000 offered exclusively on Nature's Vault! I have absorbed the cutting/polishing losses and expenses to present the very best this lunaite has to offer.
NWA 5000 Lunar Highlands Gabbro Meteorite
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238mm x 176mm x 46mm
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NWA 5000 Lunar Highlands Gabbro Meteorite
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