NWA 8368 Mesosiderite

NWA 8368 Mesosiderite
NWA 8368 is a new and very beautiful mesosiderite discovered in Morocco in 2013. The matrix is an annealed breccia composed mainly of brown orthopyroxene and Fe-Ni metal with some scattered large, rounded metal-rich nodules and large, deep green olivine clasts. The main portion of the specimen consists of orthopyroxene, calcic plagioclase, minor clinopyroxene, merrillite, silica polymorph, troilite and metal.

The metal in both the main portion and the nodules is predominantly kamacite with rounded, amoeboid grains of taenite, and is accompanied by orthopyroxene within the nodules. The clasts of olivine cannot be in equilibrium with the silica-bearing main portion of the specimen, and must be derived from a separate lithology.

Each slice has been highly polished on both sides and then etched on one side to reveal the 'snowflake-like' pattern which is quite striking!
NWA 8368 Mesosiderite
283.35g End Cut Main Mass (not etched)
96mm x 86mm x 26mm
NWA 8368 Mesosiderite
94.11g Complete Slice
127mm x 80mm x 3mm
NWA 8368 Mesosiderite
92.51g Complete Slice
124mm x 90mm x 3mm
NWA 8368 Mesosiderite
92.28g Complete Slice
125mm x 83mm x 3mm
NWA 8368 Mesosiderite
85.63g Complete Slice
120mm x 90mm x 3mm
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